, a leading North American provider of night vision equipment, has debuted a revolutionary new Night Vision Scope iPhone Adapterthat links two well deployed emergency first responder technologies, the PVS-14A Night Vision Scope and Apple’s iPhone smartphone for use by emergency responders in the field.

The slide-on adapter precisely mounts a PVS-14A night vision scope over the iPhone’s 8-megapixel camera lens. With a single tap first responders can now securely upload high resolution night vision photos, video, geotag data and text to their remote counterparts in command and control.

“Command and control professionals are constantly challenged by the fact that they can’t see exactly what their field teams are dealing with”, said Director Stewart Firman. “Without reinventing the wheel, we’re delivering a solution that economically fills that need using the night vision scopes and smartphones they already have on hand.” Development of this unique apparatus was in fact the result of continued demand from’s law enforcement customers for just such a solution. However, varied applications of the new technology have already been identified in other sectors serviced by the night vision equipment supplier.

“This adapter really is a game changer”, says Firman, “By integrating their iPhones and night vision scopes, professionals in the field can take the individual situational awareness that they currently enjoy to the next level – team-based shared awareness. For command and control, shared awareness supercharges their ability to plan, direct and control a networked emergency response.”

The iPhone Night Vision Adapter is constructed of machined, T6061 hardened aluminum alloy with an anodized Teflon hard coat. In addition to the PVS-14A Night Vision Scope, the adapter will mount a growing list of night vision and thermal vision devices, including PVS-7A Night Vision Goggles, PVS-15 Night Vision Binoculars and FLIR’s Recon M-18 and M-24 Thermal Imaging Monoculars.


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