Explore Tibet, a Lhasa-based, local-owned Tibet travel agency, announces a new 10-day trekking tour across alpine wilderness, from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen town. “This area of Tibet is where nomads bring their herds to summer pasture,” the agency said. “Trekkers can witness this unique Tibetan way-of-life against the backdrop of the beautiful plateau landscape.”

After a period of altitude acclimatization in Lhasa, hikers will travel to Tibet Tsurphu Monastery, which is located 35 kilometers northwest of the city. Here they will meet with porters and a yak team that will accompany them for the duration of the 4-day trek. The initial hiking route crosses through alpine valleys, passing by gathering spots for seasonal nomads and herds of wild Tibetan blue sheep.

The second half of the trek winds through small settlements and passes the Dorje Ling Nunnery, where there are rooms for travelers and also nearby camping spots. Most nights of the trek will be spent camping under the stars, following the traditional way-of-life of the drokpa, or Tibetan nomads.

The trail ends at the Yangpachen Monastery, a 15th-century building of the Kagyupa order of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery has a view of the Trans-Himalaya, the mountain range north of the Himalayas that run parallel east to west.

West of Yangpachen town hikers can end their trek by visiting a hot springs, or sip on traditional butter tea, relax and take in the scenery. This Tibet tours capture the essence of nomadic life, and balances a rugged wilderness experience with Tibetan cultural and religious sites.

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