Bohning is pleased to congratulate Lee Ford on her qualification to the 2012 US Paralympic Team! Lee put her trust in Bohning vanes, and they delivered. We are so proud of Lee and couldn’t be happier that she will be using her IMPULSE vanes at the 2012 Olympics!

“I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself! The Impulse helped a LOT with that, too. The wind picked up like it was Arizona Cup during the last of the round robins and every archer during the last 2 matches had a hard time of it but me. The next to last match, I had the highest score, even against the recurve men! The next end was just as windy, and I shot a 101 for an extra bonus point. The vanes held up well when we had London type weather, between having a Carbon Express arrow and Impulse vanes, my arrows didn’t drop in the rain.

Also, another archer and I smacked arrows on the target, trying to put them in the same place in the 9 ring. Her spin wing was destroyed, my Impulse had a tiny little lift off the arrow which I glued down & it shot perfectly fine the rest of the week. I really think the Impulse made a difference for me. The 1056 was also a personal best double 70 round score! Thank you so much for your support and I’m going to be working hard to bring home the gold!”

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