Wild Stuff Gift Kits, Grand Junction, CO, May 8, 2012–“We make survival fun.”– Says Deb Franzen about her Apocalypse Chow Survival Kits.”www.chow2012.com

Franzen says–“With threat scenarios from zombies, pandemics, volcanoes, asteroid strikes, nuclear war, pandemics, civil unrest, Mayan Calendar predictions and so much more. We felt it was time to make survival fun and civilized for surviving style.”

Designed as a fun (but authentic) gift for that favorite survivalist, prepper, worry wart, friend, family member or business associate, the Apocalypse Chow Survival Kits will make those last meals on earth more enjoyable. The kits have gourmet, fun and actual survival food stuffs with high-standards for quality, flavor, and sustainability (the shortest storage time is one year).


The kits include accessory items such as actual survival planning ideas, lemon scented moist cotton wash cloths and even a candle colored chemical light stick. “That last meal you eat while hiding under your coffee table aught to be enjoyable.”- says Franzen.

The kits are designed with input from a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) who attended the restricted U.S. Army Special Forces Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) Survival Instructor’s Course.

The boxes come marked in serious looking red stampings announcing Warning do not open with gun fire or high explosives and This food not suitable for zombies.These are very fun gift kits whether for family, friends or business partners.

The unique custom made 19 x 14 x 6-inch robust wooden crate is assembled so it can be easily opened and resealed for the addition of fun personal items by the gift giver such as wine, cigars, perfume or whatever. After use the crate has other uses such as a great wine bottle storage container (that is if you survive the apocalypse of course).

There are two levels of Apocalypse Chow Kits:

  • Standard: $124.95 Including shipping and handling
  • Deluxe: $149.95 Including shipping and handling

Please visit www.chow2012.com to learn more.

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