Rutt Wipe, Inc., is pleased to introduce its original blaze orange toilet paper.  A must have for every hunter, the blaze orange TP, which is specifically designed to protect your assets, is a hunter-safe alternative product that eliminates the appearance of flashing your household white TP in the woods – a potentially dangerous activity, as that bright white can easily be mistaken for the same anatomical area of a whitetail deer.

“White TP poses a serious danger to hunters, especially deer hunters,” stated Brian Primus, President of Rutt Wipe, Inc. “Using blaze orange TP is consistent with the rest of hunting attire; orange jackets, vests, gloves, hats, and even slings are worn to assure that when another hunter sees something move through the brush, they do not see flashes of brown or white. A novel idea….and practical too!”

Rutt Wipe is a blaze orange biodegradable, non-toxic tissue paper that offers many uses beyond outdoor hygiene. This hunter-safe TP can also be used for trail marking ribbons, tracking deer, and even draping scent wicks over branches.

Rutt Wipe is a simple, but smart product. Anyone who hunts will find a great use for it. As the wrapper points out, “Don’t get shot with yer pants down.”  For more information

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One thought on “Rutt Wipe Introduces Blaze Orange Toilet Paper

  1. One year (circa 1980) while hunting in Maine the locals were discussing a big story of a hunters accidental death. As it goes, he pulled down his pants for a number 2 in the woods. Another local saw the white flash of his skivvies and proceeded to shoot him. Evidently it was a gut shot that exited out the mans throat killing him instantly.
    The shooter claimed he was “shooting at a flag.” a practice I never believed in even at the tender age of 9 when I first started hunting.

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