Representatives from TrueTimber, the industry leader in realistic, performance-driven camouflage, today unveiled the company’s new logo.

A sleek and modern design, the new TrueTimber logo includes two T’s shaped to form the outline of a deer head with antlers. It also includes a C, which is representative of the brand’s main product line, camouflage patterns and clothing. The new logo comes as part of the company rebranding itself after a reorganization, which has strengthened TrueTimber for future sales and growth.

Since debuting in 2005, demand for TrueTimber camouflage has seen a steady rise, with sales to date in 2012 being at a record level. Currently, TrueTimber offers more than 250 SKU’s of clothing items and accessories, including the company’s exclusive CoreTec, SilverTec and Necessities product lines. New patterns and products, both clothing and non-clothing related, are slated for release in 2012.

“We are excited to unveil our new logo, which we feel better represents what True Timber is as a company,” said Rusty Sellars, founder of TrueTimber. “We are a cutting edge provider of the best camouflage in the world. Our camouflage clothing is unique and revolutionary, and with this unveiling, the TrueTimber logo is as well.”

About TrueTimber Founded in 2005, TrueTimber Camo is based in Inman, S.C. and is the most realistic, performance-driven camouflage brand in the industry, providing prints that perfectly blend with their surroundings.

Currently, TrueTimber Camo offers more than 250 SKU’s of clothing items and accessories, including TrueTimber Camo’s exclusive CoreTec, SilverTec and Necessities product lines.

For these products and product lines, there are 12 different camo patterns, including: MC2 Pink; Flooded Timber; MC2 Orange; Conceal Green; MC2 Snow; New Conceal; Conceal; MC2; Snowfall; DS1: Mixed Pine; Snowfall Pink; and XD3.

To ensure the brand stays at the leading edge of the camo industry, each year TrueTimber Camo spends countless hours researching, testing and seeking new technology to produce some of the most effective and realistic camouflage patterns in the world. To ensure this, TrueTimber is the only camo provider that uses all high-definition photography, not prints or paintings, for patterns.

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