The 17 Hornet is the hottest new cartridge of the year and handloaders are excited to get going on load development. A serious problem is the apparent lack of a High Precision BR type of powder measure to handle the very light charge weights for this cartridge. Redding solves this by offering their Competition Model 10x Powder measure which was specifically designed as a “bench rest” quality measure originally intended for the silhouette market. The measure is a dedicated small case measure with an operating range from 1 grain to approximately 25 grains of powder, putting the needed loads for the 17 Hornet in the middle, and therefore most accurate part of its range. When coupled with Redding 17 caliber drop tube adapter, they have created the perfect 17 Hornet powder measure for precise loading.

The 10x included features are:

  • Micrometer adjusting metering chamber with hemispherical cup
  • Cast iron and hard chrome construction
  • Backlash eliminating micrometer for repeatability
  • Adjustable powder baffle
  • Positive metering chamber lock

The 17 caliber drop tube adapter is available from most major resellers and carries a part number of 03817.

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