The 2013 GUNS Magazine Surplus Special Edition is a crucial addition to the library of vintage and classic firearms enthusiasts. This special edition magazine has over 170 pages of rifles, muskets, submachine guns, pistols and revolvers, as well as a library of some of GUNS Magazine readers’ favorite “Surplus Locker” articles from author Holt Bodinson.

Although Publisher Roy Huntington was a part of the production process, he was still excited to read the final copy and says:

“For gun-guys, something like this is a must-have read. Our staffers are the best in the business and have access to remarkable firearms from all nations of the world. The history of surplus firearms mirrors the history of our cultures. The wars fought in the past have shaped the world as we know it, and understanding the soldiers that fought those wars and the firearms they used is to better understand our own history.”

In “Small Arms of the Wehrmacht,” Mike “Duke” Venturino explores the hodge-podge of arms the German army fielded in WWII — some were relatively obsolete, while others were cutting edge. Britain and France declared war in the midst of Germany’s rearmament program — read about the international struggle to arm for the conflict as countries struggled to defend themselves.

Holt Bodinson provides insight into the long history of the Gatling gun, and its rise and fall in favor among US armed forces in his feature, “Gatling’s Legacy.” This innovative machine was first patented in 1862, then considered obsolete by 1911, revamped in the 1940s and rediscovered once again in the 21st century.

The common musket gets special attention in “Nelson’s Bane,” by GUNS Magazine’s Editor Jeff John. The Fusil de Marine musket that killed the great Admiral Nelson, as well as the Brown Bess model used to avenge him are both examined, and valuable notes on refinishing are offered.

The Surplus Special Edition includes a special collector’s Resource Guide to help find classic guns, ammo and accessories as well as informative books and companies specializing in vintage firearms.

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