Raghorns, Royals, Imperials and Monarchs — an elk of any size is a trophy and should be a constant, personal, reminder of the hunt; the adventure; the pursuit.  Next to a good set of ivories, the SkullHooker is the perfect way to remember the end of every successful elk hunt!

Hunters across the nation are flocking to the woods in pursuit of elk. In the Great Rocky Mountains hunters pursue its namesake Rocky Mountain elk.  On the Pacific Coast, Roosevelt’s elk are the milk of hunter’s dreams. Head south to the central coast of California and it’s Tule elk that makes hunter’s blood boil, while the Manitoban elk roam the Great Plains. For the lucky few younger, transplanted herds now offer opportunities in states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Whether you seek to hunt elk based on geographic proximity or subspecies — either deserves the respect of being immortalized after a hard fought pursuit with the SkullHooker. The SkullHooker is a modern and stylish, mounting solution for all of your European taxidermy. The SkullHooker’s cutting-edge prong system fits naturally into the back of the skull without drilling holes or using an adhesive.

The SkullHooker is available in two sizes. The Big Hooker is ideal for the largest of trophies including elk, caribou, brown bear, domestic steer and other large game from around the globe including eland, kudu and red stag by the use of a simple three-piece design consisting of a wall plaque, mounting arm and adjustable prong. The Little Hooker uses the same great mounting system with all of the adjustment range of the Big Hooker, but in a smaller size and is designed to accommodate all deer species, black bears, cougar, antelope, alligator and other small exotic game.

With the SkullHooker, you can change from a right-, center-, or left-facing perspective by simply reaching up and moving it. You can change the pitch to match the wall height ensuring your elk’s antlers will always have a natural pose facing the exact point you choose. Of course, if you are looking to change the look of a room, swapping trophies or their location is a snap.

SkullHooker brackets are powder coated in either Robust Brown or Graphite Black to perfectly complement your home or office décor and other furnishings in the room.

For more information on the SkullHooker’s refined approach to displaying your trophy European mounts, contact: SkullHooker at P.O. Box 257, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Phone: 541.887.8622 • or visit us online at http://www.skullhooker.com.

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