The outdoors is a fertile ground for writers, and many people dream of writing about fishing, hunting, adventures, conservation, and more. They dream of being published, making a career of it. But are you either born with it or not? Can writers be ‘made’ with the right training?

Mark Strand, a freelance writer since 1977, believes that while talent level might be installed by natural forces, with the right coaching, almost anybody can produce compelling writing.

Because he loves helping writers learn to work in a way that unleashes their signature voice and maximizes their potential, he has created the Emerging Outdoor Voices writing course. It’s a chance to study, one-on-one, in an unhurried environment, “where, for once,” says Strand, “it really is all about you.”

If you want to be an outdoor writer – or if you’re already an outdoor writer and want to be a better writer – this is innovative training designed specifically to turn you into a creativity machine. “There are some secrets,” says Strand, “to putting yourself in a time and place where you can succeed. To calling up your voice and letting it work.”

Students at Emerging Outdoor Voices also benefit from Strand’s 35 years of publishing and freeelance business experience. “You will learn how to pitch story ideas, to sell what you write, and manage your freelance business,” he says. “That’s one area of mystery we will help you navigate. You’ll also learn how to come up with good ideas, interview people, do research, work as a ghost writer, and more.”

Molding to Each Student

While the heart of the course – tapping into the writer’s voice – will be similar for all, this is an experience that molds itself to each writer. Strand has a one-of-a-kind resume, with professional training and experience in journalism, creative writing, corporate and marketing communications, newspaper, magazine, books, radio, television, films, web sites, blogs, ghost writing and more. This diverse background allows him to tailor the course to fit each writer.

“No two people will take the same course, because it begins with a survey, to see what you want to get out of it,” he says. “You might want to write better feature articles, news releases, books, who knows what else. But the biggest thing you will gain is your own voice and the ability to call it up. That’s the essence of what writers must learn to do. It’s the real mystery, and we know how to solve it.”

For more information, go to and click on Writing Course.

Note: Tuition for Emerging Outdoor Voices is $949, but for a limited time, a special discount of $100 is being offered.

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