The popular Fish On Kids chapter books for eight to 12-year-olds are now available as e-books on Kindle, iPad and Nook. Four books in the chronological series by K.J. Houtman are currently available starting at $2.99: A Whirlwind Opener (#1), Driving Me Crazy (#2), Spare the Rod (#3) and Duck, Duck Deuce (#4). The fifth book entitled Born to be Wild will be released in paperback and digitally November 1, 2012. The books highlight the adventures of an avid outdoors kid, Gus Roberts. “My goal is to span an entire year of outdoor adventures for Gus,” shared Houtman. “The first book is set on the fishing opener in Minnesota in early May and in each book we move further into the summer: Memorial Day weekend, summer vacation from school, and the fourth book highlights fun times at the lake over the Fourth of July.” Perfect timing for summer reading for the kids and grandkids, nieces or nephews in our world.

Families and schools sing praises for these books that embrace the outdoors. Two fourth-grade teachers, Joel Leidtke and Jennifer Coughlin used the books in their classrooms in Wisconsin. “The families in Wisconsin really love the outdoor theme to the stories,” shared Leidtke. Coughlin’s class enjoyed the series, too. “Sometimes it felt like Gus was part of our class the kids were so into the books,” added Coughlin. “I also liked how the problems for the characters weren’t always solved.  Sometimes there weren’t easy solutions, but they were always real life, which is what the kids want. Real life things, but in a kid-friendly way.”

Some of the students added their own two cents:

  • I liked how all the books were exciting. — Grace
  • I loved how all the books had fishing in them.  — Tarren
  • I liked how they all had outdoor things to do with your family in them.  — Jay
  • I loved how the titles described the books.  — Ruth
  • I liked how the books had surprises. — Leah

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