Jimmy Big Time, the first and only scripted outdoor comedy, is pleased to announce Season 2 episodes are available for your viewing pleasure in high-resolution via digital download.

Download your first episode FREE here: http://store.jimmybigtime.com/season-episode-walter-time-p-37.html?osCsid=f3th2qhk1q2060k6vob4hej352.

Why Download Jimmy Big Time TV Episodes?

  • Instant gratification! Download, click, enjoy!
  • No shipping, no waiting.
  • Low cost.

As many of you realize, the Big Time doesn’t use technology… he simply develops it. Loyal Jiminites from across the universe are now able to purchase high-resolution episodes from the wildly popular Season 2 DVD. You can transfer your Big Time episode onto your computer or portable media player – smart phone, ipad, ipod, and more! Get BIG TIME on the go.

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