Clean-Shot Archery has changed the way archers increase accuracy with their incredible line of Laser Broadheads; and they now have taken to the water with their innovative, accurate and tough Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin.

Larry Bay, Clean-Shot Archery Founder/CEO made the announcement; “We have brought our advanced Laser technology to the growing sport of bowfishing with our Bowfish Assassin and I am proud to note that it is the world’s only Laser Bowfishing Point. The Assassin features an internal laser beam that automatically activates when the archer comes to full draw. This amazing Fish Point comes sighted in from the factory for line of sight out to 20 yards or 60 feet and since laser light bends in water, the archer simply puts the laser dot directly on the fish for a perfect shot. No more having to estimate the depth of the fish due to the refraction of light in water.”

The Bowfish Assassin, like all Spot-On broadheads is made of Aircraft Aluminum and super tough Stainless Steel. It features a quick release barbs for easy fish removal. The Laser Bowfish Assassin is the perfect head especially valuable during low light conditions when the big fish are most active!  “Put the laser dot where you want to hit, and let er rip.”

This summer, Clean-Shot Archery will release the Laser Bowfish Assassin Pro Series, a pumped up version of the point featuring a longer (1.5”) barb, a larger tip and razor sharp blades. This is the perfect point for gators, gar, shark and other big fish.

The patented Spot-On Bowfish Assassin is Made in USA.

Laser Bowfish Assassin: MSRP $49.99

Laser Bowfish Assassin Pro Series: MSRP $69.99

Image provided by HAWK ASSOCIATES Marketing Inc

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