Speaking of a system, it’s said that “A system is only as good as the weakest link.” Sometimes, despite the quality of components involved, a weakness arises during the manufacturing process – this to include the rod curing process in other factories.

To achieve the maximum effectiveness of a resin in the bonding process, utter sophistication is required not only in the oven itself, but also the time and temperature management. Using new state-of-the-art ovens, St. Croix is able to achieve perfection. The curing cycles are timed with exactness. Temperatures are policed without fail. There’ll be no rod building crimes – ancient ovens with mismanaged times and temperatures – in Park Falls, Wisconsin. St. Croix guarantees that…

The lower end of the fishing rod spectrum has tampered with terminology, too. Back when, IM6 meant something. Now it and even higher IM claims seldom reflect the true quality of a rod – as expert rod engineering and building is a combination of premium parts in harmony with real hands-on craftsmanship.

So somewhere along the line, the idiom “composite” comes into vogue. Everyone’s saying it, and many manufacturers abusing its meaning. In fundamental terms, composite refers to the bonding of fibers and resin (think of glue) to create the rod blank. And like the 33-step process that goes into building a St. Croix rod, the bonding of fibers is taken to a scrupulously scientific level.

St. Croix’s flagship resin meticulously bonds to each and every fiber. This advantage is enhanced when combined with St. Croix’s sophisticated curing system. This powerful resin and curing union is called Fortified Resin System or FRS. The result of FRS is a rod that’s 33% stronger than rods built with standard resins and curing practices. FRS prevents microbuckling by keeping the carbon fibers in proper alignment.

Several St. Croix rod series feature FRS. For 2013, FRS is available in Legend Xtreme, Legend Elite, Legend Tournament Bass/Musky/Walleye, Legend Inshore, Legend Surf, Legend Salt, Bank Robber and High Stick Drifter rods.

Images courtesy of Traditions Media

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