Madison, NC – Remington Arms Company, LLC made sure zombie hunting enthusiasts had plenty of firepower and ammunition for Outbreak: Omega 5 on Saturday, June 23. In addition to several special-edition VersaMax Tactical shotguns in Reaper Z camo patterns, the company also provided an assortment of firearms for the prize table.

Outbreak: Omega, hosted by DPMS Firearms of St. Cloud, MN, is the original, largest, and most well-attended 3-gun “zombie shoot” in the nation. More than 1,400 people descended on Ahlman’s in Morristown, MN for the event, which set a new attendance record. When pictures of the special-run VersaMax Tactical hit Facebook, Remington set a new Facebook record when nearly 4,500 people responded.

“Our friends at DPMS Firearms asked us to be a part of Outbreak: Omega and we knew we needed to deliver something different,” said John Trull, Vice President of Firearms. “The VersaMax Tactical is finding fans well beyond our traditional consumer. It is hands-down the best value in autoloading shotguns available for 3-gun enthusiasts today, whether you’re competing in a sanctioned event or knocking down zombie targets with your buddies.”

The VersaMax Tactical is an evolution of the popular VersaMax shotgun first released in 2010. With features that include a 22” barrel, full-length extended magazine tube, and extended tactical choke tube, the VersaMax Tactical is built around the same VersaPort gas system that allows the shotgun to reliably cycle 12-gauge loads (2 ¾”, 3” or 3 ½”) while reducing felt recoil to that of a 20 gauge. The unique engineering and proven performance make it a natural fit for 3-gun competitions.

In addition to the shotguns used on the range, Remington provided a prize package for Outbreak: Omega attendees that included a Model 1911 R1 pistol, a Model 870 Express Tactical, a VersaMax Tactical, a Model 700 and a Model 597 donated as prizes awarded at the conclusion of the 2-day event.

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Image courtesy Remington Arms Company

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