Churchill Wild is pleased to announce the addition of spectacular new trophy fishing trips that will complement their popular on-the-ground polar bear tours, arctic safaris and ecotours.

Guests taking part in Churchill Wild ecotours such as Birds, Bear and Belugas and the Arctic Safari will now have the option of spending a few days of fabulous trophy fishing at North Knife Lake Lodge on one of the most pristine lakes on the planet, catching (and releasing) monster Northern Pike, Lake Trout and even Arctic Grayling, while enjoying the comforts and culinary delights Churchill Wild guests have become accustomed to.

“Many of our guests at North Knife Lake Lodge have taken part in our polar bear tours and arctic safaris,” said Rick Kemp, Director of Marketing and Communications at Churchill Wild. “And there is now also a demand in the opposite direction. Guests on the polar bear tours have been very happy with the quality of our adventures and are increasingly expressing interest in our other offerings. North Knife Lake Lodge trophy fishing trips are a natural fit.”

Located 700 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the 8,000 square foot custom-designed, all-natural wood North Knife Lake Lodge is surrounded by the crisp, clean, clear waters of North Knife Lake, magnificent sand-crowned eskers, and the hardy trees of the Boreal Forest. Wild yet pristine, tranquil yet energizing, remote yet luxurious, North Knife Lake Lodge is a study in paradoxes, a refinement of wilderness.

North Knife Lake Fishing Lodge is complete with numerous and intimate sitting areas, dining room, complimentary bar, tackle and gift shop, stone fireplaces, screened in decks, wood burning hot tub, games room, video library, fly-tying table, Wifi, satellite telephone system and conference facilities.

Over 30 miles long and encompassing 150,000 acres of highly managed water, North Knife Lake has never been commercially fished. Catch and release with barbless hooks has been in practice since the first day of operation. The only fish taken from North Knife Lake are those used for the famous shore lunches such as sweet and sour pike, fish tacos, beer-battered pike and baked lake trout, which are prepared based on the award-winning cookbook series Blueberries & Polar Bears.

North Knife Lake holds impressive numbers of trophy Northern Pike and giant Lake Trout and the nearby rivers are inhabited by feisty Arctic Grayling. For guests wanting to go further off the beaten path, fly fishing for the colourful and acrobatic Grayling while up to your waist in the rarely fished South Knife River is something very few people in the world ever experience.

“Fewer than 120 people per year have the opportunity to fish North Knife Lake, as we are the only outfitter in the area.” said Kemp. “This very low fishing pressure and exclusive access allows Churchill Wild to offer every guest the chance to land that “fish of a lifetime” on a daily basis – even if they have never fished before.”

Guests have been fortunate to catch and release Northern Pike up to 52.5 inches, Lake Trout up to 47 inches and Arctic Grayling up to 22.5 inches. Professional guides enhance the experience by keeping the fish on all day long.

Navigating North Knife Lake comes in the form of comfort and safety. Boats are 16.5 feet and are powered by 30 hp motors. Each boat is equipped with padded spring ride seats, casting decks and fish finders (that are rarely used). All equipment is continually upgraded to ensure a top quality experience for all guests.

Not only does North Knife Lake Lodge provide guests with the ultimate in natural stress relief, it also allows them to experience the taste of fish that have grown up in cold, clean, pure water that easily ranks in the top .01 percent of fresh water in the world.

Nothing tastes better.

Image courtesy Churchill Wild

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