“Would you personally, go out and confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens — even if it goes against your personal opinion regarding the constitutional rights of citizens — and do it on the order of an administrative leader of your agency?”

Appearing in “Will You Do It?” of the July issue of American COP, this contentious question from publisher Roy Huntington is causing quite a stir, and has generated a flurry of comments and emails from police officers at every level.

In response to this query posed by Huntington, Chief D. Crowley of the Winona (Mo.) Police Department wrote, “I will not follow nor issue an order that is unconstitutional, and until the Constitution is amended — and I hope that day never comes — I will continue to protect the gun rights of the citizens I serve.”

Sgt. James B. Wielgus of East Stroudsburg, Pa., answered, “We know there are lawful orders, and there are unlawful orders. I would feel no duty to obey what I would know to my core was an unlawful order. I don’t care if they discipline me or fire me; I have every faith I would eventually prevail in court.”

These steadfast responses represent the majority of emails that Huntington has received, which he considers an encouraging sign.

“I remain impressed by the quality of today’s law enforcement officer,” Huntington said. “The response we’ve received regarding my short article once again shows me the depth of thinking going on among the professionals ‘out there’ policing us.”

Huntington promises a follow-up article in a future issue of American COP. Visit http://www.americancopmagazine.com/will-you-do-it/ to weigh in on this emotive topic.

The July issue also takes a look at vehicle accessories, examines the debate surrounding the death penalty, discusses SIG SAUER maintenance and more.

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