M-Pro 7, a leading provider of military-grade weapons maintenance products, introduces the first BoreSnake cleaning kit for the most popular military and law enforcement pistol caliber. The M-Pro 7 Tactical Pistol Cleaning Kit contains everything needed to properly maintain a 9mm pistol in the field.

The pistol cleaning kit was designed with simplicity in mind, giving users a compact, all-in-one solution to simplify and speed up the weapon maintenance process. The kit contains the essential products needed to clean and maintain 9mm pistols, and can also be used on .357, .380 and .38 caliber pistols and revolvers.

Essential items in the kit include the M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner, M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX and the M-Pro 7 BoreSnake. The M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner improves weapon performance by removing layers of fouling and embedded carbon while conditioning the bore to help prevent future build-up. Formulated from technology with the lowest known friction coefficient, M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX provides unparalleled protection against wear, humidity and moisture (including salt water) and leaves a long-lasting film that repels dust and dirt.

With one pass, the M-Pro 7 BoreSnake loosens large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush, then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160 times larger than a standard patch. The BoreSnake is completely washable and reusable.

Each kit contains the following gun care and maintenance tools:

  • 4 oz. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner
  • 4 oz. M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX
  • 9mm M-Pro 7 BoreSnake
  • Lint Free Cleaning Cloth
  • Dual-Headed Nylon Utility Brush
  • Foam Gun Pad
  • Weapon Maintenance Guide

The M-Pro 7 Tactical Pistol Cleaning Kit is available for an MSRP of $67.95. For more information about M-Pro 7 and its complete line of military-grade cleaning supplies, visit www.mpro7.com or call 1-800-423-3537.

Image courtesy of Howard Communications

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