Whether you are an entry level angler, intermediate, or pro in a fresh water market, salt water market, warm water market or coldwater market, Lunkerhunt has a product that will help you catch fish.

Starting at the entry level, Lunkerhunt has developed Lunkerhunt Kids Kits that include premium lure & tackle components with step by step illustrated booklets tailored to kids that include rigging techniques, fishing instructions, and sticker pages.  The Lunkerhunt Kids kits have been designed to be interactive.  Kids are encouraged to catch fish and fill out the Lunkerhunt Fishing Log that charts there fishing success with the end result being a Lunkerhunt certificate that anglers achieve. (MSRP $6.49)

Moving into intermediate to recreational angler level Lunkerhunt has introduced Lunkerhunt EDU-KITS.  Species and technique specific kits, they provide anglers with premium tackle components specific to a technique such as drop shoting or pitching and they teach anglers more about the target fish species and how to catch them in the included Pro Knowledge handbook that features species specific information as well as illustrated rigging and fishing instructions.  Trilingual packaging (English, Spanish and French) also clearly calls out recommended equipment to ensure anglers are prepared when they get on the water. (MSRP $6.49)

Lunkerhunt Bento Baits, Magic Bean, and Direct Contact have been added to the core line-up of Lunkerhunt products for 2012.  Designed for recreation anglers through to Avid/Pro anglers these lures are have been designed with premium components and feature some true industry innovations.

Lunkerhunt Bento Baits have taken the split tail minnow baits to the next level.  Comparing them to any other minnow bait on the market would be like comparing a potato to an orange.  Available in two sizes 3 inch and 4.5 inch in 5 color paterns.  The Bentio Baits feature a solid body construction, anatomically correct detailing, holographic fabric core, and supple yet durable body design that make the Lunkerhunt Bento the product to have. Bento Baits will catch any type of fish that eats other fish.  Works well in both freshwater and saltwater (MSRP $7.99)

Magic Bean  With a body profile the length of a penny, the Lunkerhunt Magic Bean weighs in at a whopping ¼ oz.  Great for vertical jigging, casting, & ice fishing, the Magic Bean has a rotating blade on its tail that calls fish in and generates strikes.  Available in 7 color styles.

Direct Contact Weighing in at a solid 1 oz, the Direct Contact is the go to lure when conditions call for it.  High winds, strong current, deep or suspended fish.  Whether you are on open water or on the ice, the Direct Contact gets to where the fish are.

Visit Lunkerhunt at ICAST booth 2052 during our ICAST Press Conference at 2pm on June 11th, or by visiting www.lunkerhunt.com.

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