One of the best ways to learn about whitetailed deer is to follow them around to see where they go, what they do, what they eat, how they interact with one another and how long they live, but that’s impossible. Right?

Wrong. Veteran photojournalist Richard P. Smith from Marquette, Michigan has been walking with whitetails, both bucks and does of all ages, for years. And now you can share in seeing and learning some of the unique things he’s seen and learned about these normally shy animals by walking with them through a 90 minute DVD he and his wife, Lucy, produced titled Walking With Whitetails.

You will be amazed at some of the video he has captured while sharing the woods with whitetails. He’s seen and filmed deer doing things few, if any, other people have observed. Now you, too, can see these rare moments in the lives of whitetails.

You can watch does nursing their fawns as well as other interactions between mothers and their offspring. And there’s no shortage of action packed video about bucks. Some footage shows amazing antler development of whitetails up to 4 ½ years old, there’s an antler rubbing competition between mature bucks, lots of battling bucks, a buck breeding a doe, velvet and antler shedding and much more.

Some surprising deer foods are also revealed. If you want to observe and learn about the everyday lives of whitetail deer, this DVD is right up your alley. Although much of what you will learn from this DVD can be applied to whitetails in general, the main story line is about the life and times of one particular doe and her offspring that the videographer has been able to walk with for more than eight years. The doe’s sons and daughters also have starring roles in the production.

How does the antler development of bucks vary that are produced by the same doe? Do the doe’s daughters live longer than her sons? Do mothers and daughters share fawn rearing responsibilities? Do deer sleep? Do coyotes have much impact on deer? The answers to these questions and many more can be found while watching this ground breaking DVD.

A two-minute preview of Walking With Whitetails can be viewed below.


This is Smith’s second DVD, but the first he and his wife, Lucy, have done all of the filming, editing and production on. His first DVD is titled Field Judging Black Bears, which was edited and produced by Aubrey Gale from Muskegon. Smith has also written 24 books about hunting and wildlife, eleven of which are still in print. The Walking With Whitetails DVD can be ordered for $24 postpaid from Smith Publications, 814 Clark St., Marquette, MI 49855. For more information about Smith, his books and DVDs or ordering the DVD visit his website at

Image and video courtesy of Smith Publications

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