THE FLyBOOK is a web based reservation and business management system designed for fly fishing guides and outfitters. Jans Mountain Outfitters is a year- round guide service who will make your Utah fly fishing adventure an unforgettable experience. And, now there is a new way to book through Jans: THE FLyBOOK.

Utah offers some of the best fresh water fly-fishing in the world. Jans Mountain Outfitters’ guides have the knowledge and expertise to pinpoint the best fly-fishing opportunities locally, nationally, and worldwide. Their expert guides know the right spots, the right techniques, and the local idiosyncrasies you need to know to be successful. Jans wanted to make the process of signing up for a trip match the experience of the trip itself, so they turned to The FLyBOOK which is accessed via

THE FLyBOOK is a reservation management software application designed specifically for guides, outfitters and fly shops. THE FLyBOOK turns manual scheduling into a web based, 100% automated calendar and management system, so the customer can book a trip when they want without the sometimes inconvenient back and forth of phone tag that often occurs with busy professionals. Russ Coburn, President of Jans Mountain Outfitters noted, “Everyone is busier these days, and lots of times travel plans don’t get made until later in the evening when people are home from the office. Using FLyBOOK through lets our clients make reservations whenever they can get the time, even if that’s late at night. It really makes trip planning a lot easier and less stressful.”

The FLyBOOK is the first ever application built specifically for the outfitter. The Outfitter, Guides, and Customer are notified via email and text message the minute the trip is confirmed by the shop owner. The calendar automatically updates the instant any changes are made. The FLyBOOK displays trips and provides a search engine for the visitor to see what’s available in real-time by date, location or type of trip. When the customer finds what they want, they can book it and pay instantly.

The FLyBOOK is a web-based application accessible anytime, from anywhere, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. It doesn’t matter if someone is a repeat customer or a first timer looking for an introduction, The FLyBOOK system provides a user-friendly experience.

According to Chris Wistner, manager of the Jans Fly Shop, “We are always happy to talk to our clients on the phone and help in any way, butFLyBOOK removes the need for countless phone calls and last minute modifications that really aren’t about the fishing and are more of an inconvenience for the client. This way we get to spend more time addressing the actual needs and interests of our clients. Using FLyBOOK through creates an unmatched customer centered environment.”

Jans’ Guides lead fly-fishing trips all over the world from the Bahamas to British Columbia to New Zealand to Mexico, but some of their favorite fly fishing is right in Utah where they will take you to a variety of great streams and rivers less than an hour outside of Park City. They are continually fishing the best rivers and streams and can pinpoint the hatches and best holding waters. Guided trips include all the necessary gear, lunch, and transportation from Jans. Is it any wonder why the fly shop at Jans Mountain Outfitters is considered the best in the West, and one of the best in the world?

If you’d like to head out on the river on your own, the experts at Jans will be happy to tell you some great spots you might like to try, and they’ll hook you up with flies to match the current hatch. But, if you’d like to have a little insurance that you’ll have a great day fly-fishing, join them for a half-day or full day guided trip.

The Jans guides can take you to the best (and generally less crowded) spots on the blue ribbon Provo River, or they can take you to the private waters of Thousand Peaks Ranch where in all likelihood, you won’t see another soul. Their guides know where the fish hide in every condition, and they are on the river every day so they know what’s working. Join Jans Mountain Outfitters for a guided trip and have honest fish stories to tell that will make you the envy of your friends.

A day of solitude casting flies on the river can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Calming babbling water. A beautiful setting. The relaxing concentration of placing your fly exactly where you want it. No wonder some people consider fly-fishing almost like a religion. Others view it as a form of meditation. No matter how you look at it, a day on the river with the guides at Jans Mountain Outfitters will be an unforgettable experience, and booking online through with FLyBOOK makes the first step of the trip as pleasant as the time on the water.

About JANS’ Mountain Outfitters: Heading to Park City, Utah? Be sure to schedule a day with the crew at Jans Mountain Outfitters. The folks at Jans are experts in mountain recreation. They know how to have fun in the mountains. And they know all about their favorite mountain sports like skiing, biking, fly-fishing, hiking, snowshoeing and rock climbing. Check out their website ( ) for more information.

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