When there are birds in the decoys nothing will keep a sportsman out of the field – except for an inopportune tear or puncture to his waders. Until now, a wardrobe malfunction could cause a hunter to pack it in for the day, losing out on those rare opportunities when the conditions are just right. Now, Vettec Inc. has introduced SG-20, an adhesive material that can fix waders and other outdoor gear within one hour, getting sportsmen back into the hunt quickly and comfortably. SG-20 is now on sale at http://www.SG-20.com and at select retailers.

“SG-20 is a high-tech adhesive that is as sturdy as it is fast. Other repair adhesives require a full 24 hours to completely set and dry. SG-20 sets and dries within one hour making it the fastest and most effective repair adhesive for outdoor gear available,” said Frank Rovelli, General Manager of Vettec, Inc., the maker of SG-20. “As a group, hunters spend nearly $450 million dollars a year on special hunting clothing, boots, waders and foul weather gear (1). SG-20 can help sportsmen extend the life of their gear and keep it in good repair wherever their adventures take them.”

SG-20 is made of a propriety blend of two-part poly-urethane adhesive material that adheres to dry neoprene, poly-urethane, and canvas making it ideal for repairing many different styles of waders, Muck Boots, frog toggs®, foul weather and hunting gear. Damaged gear can be fixed quickly in the field simply by cleaning and drying the damaged material and applying SG-20. When fixing the lightweight breathable waders commonly worn by wading fishermen, the SG-20 adhesive is applied to the inside of the waders (the underside of GORE-TEX or nylon) rather than the outside.

The SG-20 sealant sets in one minute and dries in one hour, creating a smooth, water-tight seal and keeping air, dirt and debris out. After it’s dry, SG-20 remains flexible, moving naturally with the material. Repairs with SG-20 have been shown to be incredibly durable, lasting five or more years in the field. Visit http://www.SG-20.com to see a video about how SG-20 works.

The material in SG-20 has been used by farriers – the craftspeople who repair horses’ hooves – for more than 15 years to repair and protect horse hooves. In that arena, the adhesive is applied to a horse’s foot providing protection and support for animals that can range in weight from 840 to 1,300 pounds. Depending on the size and speed of the horse, the sealant withstands 2,200 to 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Now SG-20 is available to the general public for a variety of uses.


“As a farrier I have been using this material on horses’ hooves for years. I’ve seen it hold up under the immense pressure of a one thousand pound animal, and used it to restore everything from my hunting gear to my boat. I’m astounded at how versatile and durable SG-20 is!” said Bill Weller, of Newbury Park, Calif. “Whether you’re a waterfowl nut, a field hunter or a wading fisherman, SG-20 is a must have in the field bag.”

The SG-20 repair kit includes one dual-barrel, 20 ml dispensing cartridge, an equalizing plunger, three precision mixing tips and a contouring plastic sheet that can be used to smooth out the sealant. Once the cartridge is opened, SG-20 can be used multiple times using the three mixing tips included and remains shelf stable for up to one year. SG-20 is now on sale for the MSRP of $15 per kit plus shipping at SG-20.com. Wholesale and dealer pricing is available upon request.

Image courtesy Vettec, Inc.

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