Not so many years ago the auger artisans at StrikeMaster again put their signature on ice fishing. Ahead of the pack, in conjunction with a universal tilt toward emission standards, they brought forth the industry’s first 4-stroke power auger. Cutting ice was cleaner, faster, and with the clear conscience of knowing you weren’t blowing blue smoke.

For winter wonderland 2012-13, they’ve outdone themselves and the rest of the field by upgrading the engine – previously thought undoable. In harmony with Honda™ – world leader in clean emissions – welcome StrikeMaster’s newest 4-stroke engineering marvel.

A fearless and fluid Honda™ 35cc 4-stroke OHC engine makes even the thickest ice feel like mere inches of first ice. Its clean and powerful cutting makes drilling effortless. And nobody appreciates that reliable horsepower more than StrikeMaster Pro and intrepid ice fishing guide Tony Roach. “I’m no stranger to drilling holes. We’re talking numbers deep into the thousands by winter’s end. So I can’t be saddled with anything but the most premium, trusted, and efficient auger along the Ice Belt. And that candidate is clear cut; it’s the StrikeMaster 4-stroke.”

Cradling the Honda 4-stroke engine are VANDAR long filament high impact synthetic handles that yield the strength of an army with the weight of a single firearm. At a total weight of only 23 lbs, the StrikeMaster 4-stroke does all the heavy lifting with pure lean muscle mass.

The ice is rendered further helpless against StrikeMaster’s flagship 8-inch steel drill with Mora Ice Lazer blades. Sheer power and immaculate cutting unite into a single soldier of fortune.

Environmentally conscious, and fully emission certified, anglers can rest assured the only holes they’re opening are in the ice – not the ozone layer. Feather in an industry best 2-year warranty on that sweet running Honda engine, and there’s no need to count holes like clicks on an odometer.

StrikeMaster Pro and ice fishing vigilante Tom Neustrom sums it up this way. “If you aren’t running a StrikeMaster 4-stroke, lay down your arms. Because we’re going to drill circles around you…”

Image courtesy of Traditions Media

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