Clam Outdoors announces two new models in the popular hub shelter category—Six Pack Hubs in models 1550 and 1660. The roomy shelters boast beefed-up hub assembly. The stronger structure means hard water anglers will be able to endure more of what Old Man Winter likes to dish out. The Six Pack moniker makes this shelter aptly-named. Both models have over six feet of standing room at center height (75″ with 1550 and 90″ with 1660), have six strong sides for deftly deflecting wind, and hold six anglers comfortably. The 1550 holds four to six anglers and the 1660 holds five to seven, perfect for family outings or weekend group-time on the ice.

“The Six Pack hub style shelters are really roomy, perfect if I’m taking a family or group out on the ice,” shared Jeff Andersen of Leisure Outdoors and prostaffer with Clam. “The stability is incredible with the six-sided design, and it feels really roomy inside without any hard ninety-degree angles.”

Clam Outdoors is the industry leader in portable, pack-down and fish-comfortably ice shelters. The two new Six Pack hub shelters offer either 65- or 94-square feet of fishable space. The 600 denier fabric is stout with ample over-sized skirt for draft protection and snow banking. The extra-large 11 mm poles are quality gauge and tested tough for durability. Key areas—the hub assembly and the pole pockets—are reinforced with super-strong materials across multiple layers. All to provide a long-lasting, durable shelter that will delight families for many years to come.

“The quality of all of Clam’s shelters is just phenomenal,” continued Andersen. “The strength and grade of materials makes the Six Pack shelter a great investment for the avid outdoorsman to enjoy time on the ice with family and friends during the winter. They’re designed by fishermen for fishermen—that’s why there’s so much attention to quality and details.”

The industry innovator in cold-weather shelters, gear and accessories, Clam Outdoors has led the way in more people participating in ice fishing. Quality products from Clam make time on the ice more comfortable and more productive for everyone.

For more information on Clam Outdoors go to or contact Nick Chiodo at Clam Outdoors at 763-231-4138 or email

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One thought on “Clam Six Pack New Hub Shelters

  1. Maiden voyage of my Clam Six-Pack 1660 went very well. Overall product set-up was fast and easy, plenty of room, nice windows and vents. However, the plastic zipper pulls are not up to the quality I have come to expect from Clam. I broke one on the storage bag first thing. By the end of the day, three of the zipper pulls on the shelter broke as well. The temp was not extreme, only in the low 20’s. Too much plastic and not enough rubber makes them snap off in the cold, even when you are trying to be careful. Love the unit, but I will have to come up with a better pull for the zippers or getting in and out of the shelter will be a pain. If not for the zipper pulls, this unit would score a 10. But opening zippers in the cold with gloves on is something that should be easy to do. Lowers my score to a 5.

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