Traveling across the ice belt, Dave Genz sees it all. As he noticed more anglers use fly reels when ice fishing, Genz dreamed of a way to utilize this unique development but make his own even better. The Ice Spooler fly reel was born. This black graphite fly reel excels for shallow-water tight-lining for panfish with its superior grip and comfort. The larger arbor reduces line coiling and twisting, presenting a calm and steady jig that moves when and how the angler decides, not because of twisted line. The longer reel foot separates the Ice Spooler from the competition, for a better fit in most anglers’ hands.

“The extra distance makes the fit feel more like a spinning reel, which allows me to grasp the ice fishing rod naturally,” shared the creator and ice fishing pioneer Dave Genz. “That’s just a lot more comfortable when you’re fishing hard.” Jim Hudson is a fan of the new Ice Spoolers, too. “I like how the extended foot allows a little more distance between the rod cork and the reel,” shared Hudson of Bayfield, Wisonsin, Clam pro staffer and avid ice fishing guide on Lake Superior. “With the pistol grip the palm of your hand is the drag. It’s super easy and comfortable.”

The Ice Spooler 100 Fly Reel is sold separately in blister pak or as a combo in the Dave Genz Ice Spooler Series in 20″, 23″, 26″ sets, the perfect panfish combos.

To target big fish like walleyes and lake trout, when a little more leverage and balance is called for, Dave knew he needed just the right rod for the job. Now the perfect big fish rod is at his fingertips with the exciting new Dave Genz Split Handle Series. The new graphite-wrapped fiberglass rods combine sensitivity with strength and durability. Six models, available in 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, 36″ and 40″ options, provide medium light action all the way up to heavy action. Stainless steel guide frames with aluminum oxide guides set off this unique rod that allows complete visibility of the rod blank from tip to butt end. The full extension of the rod blank increases sensitivity and balance, while providing power and leverage to bring even the biggest walleye or lake trout up through the hole.

“The lighter rod is lot more comfortable when fishing over long hours,” added Hudson. “Touching the rod as it extends beyond the handle allows any hits to transfer through to the rod blank. That split second gain could be the difference in setting a hook on a nice big walleye or lake trout.” Dave Genz designed it that way. “That’s what we were going for,” added ice fishing guru Genz. “Your hand touching the rod blank is the ultimate in sensitivity.”

Clam Outdoors continues to set new high standards, working collaboratively with ice fishing pioneer Dave Genz and his never-ending wealth of knowledge and product innovation. Dave knows that different techniques flourish in specific geographic regions of the country and just the right equipment is needed to fill the gap. For the ice fishing fly guy—it is the Ice Spooler Series. For ice anglers targeting big fish the Dave Genz Split Handle Series will be the right rods for the job.

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Watch video clip on the Dave Genz Ice Spooler Series below.


Images courtesy of Clam Outdoors

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2 thoughts on “Dave Genz Introduces Fly Reel Ice Spoolers and Split-Handle Series Rods

  1. Dave
    The spooler reel is a great idea. I was thinking about it and I was wondering if a multiplier reel like Martin reels have in their fly reel line would be a good idea for you to think about.

  2. I am left handed and want to switch the reel to left hand operation but the only way I could do it you would have to crank backwards to reel in the line. Am I missing something? How do you switch to left hand retrieve?

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