Culinary Renaissance Man Jesse Griffiths is changing the way Americans think about hunting and eating off the land. In his new book, AFIELD: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish, Griffiths transports us into a world where times slows, urban stress recedes and food, friends and fellowship are celebrated at the dinner table.

Through vivid tales of hunting, fishing and cooking, intimately inviting images and rustic, yet worldly recipes, Griffiths’ cookbook is at once inspiring, calming and evocative of a simpler, quieter time. Whether taking us cat-fishing in a tidal creek at dusk, slogging after snipe across a rice marsh at dawn, afield on a hot summer afternoon bagging doves or gathering around latern-lit wooden table, AFIELD celebrates America’s great outdoors and its prodigious bounty.

A commitment to locally sourced ingredients and nose-to-tail cooking makes Griffiths the perfect guide for this culinary journey back to the land. From catfish to crab, duck to dove, and deer to wild hog, and turkey, Griffiths teaches us how to scale, clean, skin, stuff, fillet, grill, braise, and fry a myriad of wild seafood, poultry, and game. On the pages of AFIELD, little is wasted, much is enjoyed and great respect is paid to the land and its gifts. We are reminded to share the wealth.

Griffiths combines traditional methods of field dressing, butchering, and preparing fish and game with eighty-five rustic mouthwatering recipes, suitable for the novice and experienced cook alike. Fans will recognize Jesse as one of the butchers featured in Marissa Guggiana’s award winning Primal Cuts* (Welcome Books).

Fellow hunting enthusiast and food photographer Jody Horton takes us into the field and the kitchen with Griffiths, following his every step, from the thrill of the hunt to the pleasure of the feast.

Image courtesy of Jody Horton

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