LaserLyte introduces new Zombie-themed packaging for the current LaserLyte Zombie products: the CK-AMFZK, CK-AMF9ZK and the PB-3ZK. The new packaging is a nod to the popular media myth of the walking dead, with ghoulish green graphics featuring a brain-eating zombie with laser red eyes. Since Zombies are mono-chromatic deficient and cannot see this particular shade of green, the packaging hides the LaserLyte products from roving bands of Walkers. And on the same glow-in-the-dark note, the packaging will allow remaining survivors to quickly identify their much-needed LaserLyte lasers for their Ruger LCPs and LC9s and Kel-Tec’s .380, .32 and PF9s and “the last resort” serrated Mini-Survival Knife pistol bayonet.

The side-mount LaserLyte CK-AMF and CK-AMF9 lasers for the Ruger LCP and LCP pocket pistols have become extremely popular with the rise in concealed carry permits. The lasers are easy and quick to install and fully programmable. The light-weight, compact side-mount lasers also allow the pistol to fit in any nylon or leather pocket holster.

The LaserLyte / KA-BAR PB-3ZK pistol bayonet is made from high-grade stainless steel and a durable 30% glass-filled nylon molded handle. The Mini-Survival Knife features an exaggerated top serrated blade and can be hand-held or mounted on any medium to full-size pistol.

What some considered a passing fad is not fading away anytime soon. Consumers and retailers are demanding more Zombie related products as part of the current mainstreams’ fascination with all walking-dead things. In Zombie lore, the Zombie Apocalypse is a time when the Zombie plague will overtake humanity and all authority will break down with surviving citizens left to defend their homes and lives. This concept has not only swept gamers and the movie industry, but consumers are purchasing products related to preparedness and survival in record numbers.

Images courtesy of Laura Burgess Marketing

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