With daylight shortened to a few precious hours in the ice fishing belt, Clam introduces several new lighting tools that will brighten those dark and dreary winter hours: Torch Lights, Warning Lights and Sled Lights. All help improve productivity as well as safety. Three sizes of the industry-first Torch Lights are sure to bring a smile to outdoor enthusiasts year-round. The Torch Lights are not only ideal for ice fishing, but also summer fishing, camping and hunting.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, each Torch Light includes an LED strap-on headlamp that removes easily to become a hand-held flashlight. This multi-function lighting tool, boasting 30-, 85- and 150-lumen lights respectively with three sizes, clips on the head strap or on the parka for easy-to-use options or removes to fit comfortably in a gloved or mitted hand. Each offers four lighting modes: high, low, quick flashing and SOS flashing. The units all ship with batteries making for an exceptional value and easy use right out of the package. Water resistant, Torch Lights will run eight-, 20- or 88-hours continuously on the low setting.

“A headlamp is probably the single most used tool other than your fishing rod,” shared Jeff Andersen of Leisure Outdoor Adventures, and Clam pro staffer. “Early mornings it is dark getting organized and often again coming in at the end of the day. The headlamp is an absolutely essential tool that I can’t work without, and this new option to remove the light and use it as a flashlight is really great. The LED bulbs are bright and it pops on and off in just seconds.”

Airports aren’t the only locations that like to identify their space with red flashing lights. Ice fishermen do, too. Clam’s new Warning Lights are the perfect safety aftermarket item for any style of ice house, permanent or portable. Peace of mind is important when you are in your ice house during low light conditions. There’s often concern that a truck, snowmobile or ATV might not see the structure in the darkness. Warning Lights let everyone know to steer clear, keeping well-deserved safety top of mind during hard water season. Sold as a two-pack, each Warning Light comes with two AAA batteries and utilizes bright LEDs that never need replacing. Detachable, fully weatherproof, and visible from a distance of 800 yards, each light will work for 200 hours with a single set of batteries.

“Reflective tape only works so much,” added Andersen. “The Warning Lights step up the visibility in the dark. And an additional feature is being able to attach Warning Lights to a trailer as a backup for safety there, too.”

Last year’s new Sled Lights were such a success that Clam’s introducing a large version of these valuable lights this year. Sold in a three-pack, these LED lights are eight inches wide and work perfectly with large sleds as well as permanent wheel-style houses. Includes a complete hardware kit for mounting the lights with wire and alligator clips for battery connection.

Clam Outdoors continues to set new high standards, working collaboratively with dedicated ice fishing pros to fine-tune all the products necessary for a safe experience on the ice.

For more information on Clam Outdoors go to http://clamoutdoors.com or contact Nick Chiodo at Clam Outdoors at 763-231-4138 or email nchiodo@clamcorp.com.

Images courtesy of Clam Outdoors

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