Redring Optical Shotgun Sight Builds Confidence and Increases Target Hit Rate

Redring USA LLC, importer and distributor of the truly innovative Redring optical shotgun sight, is bringing a totally new concept of shotgun sights to the American market. The Redring shotgun sight was developed for use on any shotgun with a rail. The Redring helps beginners and seasoned shooters achieve better aim on the moving target and hit more targets successfully. Unlike traditional sights sold on the market, the Redring features smart technology that allows the shooter to immediately take fast and instinctive shots with both eyes open. This sight is not for aiming, it’s for fast shotgun shooting. It gives the hunter another reference point to confidently bag the birds with less-to-zero collateral damage to game.Redring hunting

The features and benefits are packed into this compact, easy-to-use, parallax-free shotgun sight. For any shooter, including hunters, the Redring reads the backlight and adjusts the ring intensity to the prevailing light. On a dark background, such as in an early morning or dusk light condition, the ring light is weaker and in a bright background like bright sunlight, the ring light is stronger and more visible.
Redring is also an effective rangefinder. The size of the ring on the target is equal to the shot diameter at 65 feet (20 meters). The shooter receives an instant indication when the target is within shooting range or if it is too far away for a sure shot. The results are more targets hit, more birds taken and less ammo wasted.

The low profile Redring mounts quickly and easily on the rib of the gun. The sight does not need to be calibrated or sighted-in; it’s ready to go! The Redring comes with recoil absorbing mounts for shotguns with a rib width from 5 to 11.5mm.

Because the anodized aluminum sight is lightweight there is no discernible effect on the weight or balance of the gun. An energy saving, shut-off function automatically shuts down the sight saving the Redring’s power after 4 hours of continuous on. The shut-off function can also be programmed to fit the shooter’s time afield or on the range.

Redring gives shooters instant feedback on the correct sight alignment every time, increasing shooter success for competition, hunting or just plaPatrick Flaniganin fun. Patrick Flanigan, an 8-time world record holder in Xtreme Sport Shooting, found using the Redring improved his scores instantly. Patrick, a star of numerous television programs such as “Hot Shots,” “Impossible Shots,” and his own program “Shell Shocked,” is an advocate for the shooting sports. Redring, through their sponsorship of Patrick Flanigan, is working with him to promote the sport to new shooters through education and events.

For more information on the advantages to using the Redring on your shotgun, visit Like us on Facebook or check out the YouTube videos on the Redring advantage. For Retailers, Redring offers a variety of profit-making, eye-catching promotional packages. Start making money by emailing Robert Walzer at to carry the Redring line. Media enquiries should also be sent to Robert Walzer at his email address or by telephone request at 203-546-3611.

Redring Specifications:

  • Battery: AAAA 1.5V, Approx 300 h life. Automatically shuts off after 4 hrs
  • Weight: 134 g (4.726oz) excl. mounts, 192 g (6.773oz) incl. mounts
  • Length: 134 mm (5.275in), mounts included
  • Width: 44 mm (1.732in)
  • Height: 45.7 mm (1.779in)
  • Material: Anodized aluminum
  • MSRP: $899.00

Images courtesy Laura Burgess Marketing

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