Initial deliveries of a unique dual optic scope mount for the AR rifle called the Multi Mount have shown the benefits of applying aerospace technology to more earthly requirements. Having proven their skills building sophisticated parts for the NASA/JPL Mars Exploration Rovers and more recently the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, members of the Next Intent team who are also competition marksmen felt they could design and build a better scope mount for the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms. They were right, and started the Next Intent Tactical group to bring products to market.

Focusing on the optics as a critical part of the results achieved from the AR rifle, they designed a mount from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum that would accommodate optics for both distant and near targets, while making it fit the AR platform in a way that was comfortable and precise.

While many pieces and many hours of lapping can be required to outfit precision optics on a rifle, this new mount provides perfect ring alignment out of the box. For ACOG scope users, the mount provides a much more comfortable location for the companion reflex mount at 30 degrees offset and to the rear of the ejection port.

“Our experience in competition and working at ranges gave us the understanding and motivation to develop these products,” stated Chris Baker, Manufacturing Manager at Next Intent. “By using CNC and Wire EDM technology to produce the mounts, we can insure the repeatability and precision of all surfaces while machining from a single piece of aluminum in the process.”

Early adopters of the product are immediately excited about the ability to switch from acquisition of near to distant targets without loss of check weld or a requirement to compensate for mechanical offset. With the convenience of absolute return to zero without lapping, switching mounts or optics within mounts is quick and easy.

Military and Law Enforcement teams are providing great feedback and reviews on the Multi Mount version designed for ACOG scopes. “Using the same tools and one-piece design we deliver all the same precision, comfort and benefits of the ring style Multi Mount on the quick release Multi Mount version for the ACOG,” said Frank Larned, Operations Manager and local range master.

Multi Mount is made in USA and available at the website. Read more about the technology behind the design and manufacturing and order for direct shipment from the guys who design and build them.

Image courtesy Next Intent Tactical

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