Oakdale Solutions and it’s principal inventor geek, Mike Filonczuk, have teamed up with Fund-A-Geek to promote the award winning Zap-N-Trash and begin production of the fly killing wonder for the retail market.

The Zap-N-Trash is the consummate fly killer that doubles as the life of the party. Simply put, the Zap-N-Trash is an insect zapper mated with a garbage can lid. Flies love garbage and will do anything to get to it, Whether mounted in your garbage can lid, or on the Zap-N-Trash’s own supplied container, flies naturally attracted to the bait in the can, garbage, pass through the electrified “Safety Touch Grille,” get zapped and fall neatly into the container – no handling of disease carrying dead flies!

“The Zap-N-Trash is the life of the party!” quips Mike the inventor, “Everyone likes to watch the flies get zapped. We turned it into a drinking game until flies were going in every nine seconds – that’s a lot of drinking!”

The “Safe Touch Grille,” means children and pets can touch it and not get zapped – only the flies are not so lucky.

Horse and farm animal owners often spend $50 to $75 a month to spread granular poison on the ground around corrals and stables – that can’t be good for the environment! The battery powered, environmentally friendly Zap-N-Trash with solar charger option, kills flies all day long for pennies.

“Teaming with Fund-A-Geek, a crowdfunding website, is a great way for inventors to make that giant step from idea to production and will create jobs here in the US,” states Mike.  Click the link below to learn how you can eliminate disease-carrying flies.http://www.fundageek.com/project/detail/620/ZapNTrash—Best-fly-killer-Fly-zapper-in-a-garbage-can-lid

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