Easton Technical Products, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment, has announced the release of new Deadbolt Crossbow Arrows.

With the imminent onset of the zombie apocalypse, Easton has completed its final testing phase of the task-specific, zombie-slaying crossbow arrow respectfully dubbed “Deadbolt”. This XX75 2219 aerospace shaft has been specially hard-anodized to be impervious to caustic, zombie biohazard by-products and the smooth surface makes for easy retrieval from targets or decomposing bodies. They will be available to zombie hunters in 20″ length with moon nocks.

The final stage of development was to gain real-world assessment of the Deadbolt’s performance concerning effectiveness toward the undead. In doing so, undisclosed members of the Easton Zombie Advisory Team (EZAT) infiltrated the swamps of Florida this past week on a mission to dispatch wild hogs utilizing state of the art crossbows with broadhead-tipped Deadbolts.

As most zombie hunters know, the parallels between hunting the undead and hogs are many. Hogs, like zombies, are on an exponential growth explosion in many parts of the Untied States, with some states even placing bounties on them. Similar to zombies, these disease-carrying porcine require accurately placed shots to properly dispatch them. Deadbolt, with its 96,000 (psi) tensile strength, has the accuracy and durability to penetrate through hogs’ grizzled shields or a zombie’s virus-infected skull.

The role of the crossbow in a zombie elimination squad is primarily that of a sniping weapon. The silent flight of the arrow often allows follow-up shots on both zombies and hogs without alarming other targets.

So whether you are hunting hogs, whitetails, or defending yourself and your family against the next wave of infected shufflers, Easton Deadbolts are the best arrow choice for superior performance, accuracy, and firepower.

For more information on the XX75 DEAD BOLT by Easton visit www.eastonarchery.com. The XX75 DEAD BOLT is proudly made in the USA.

Picture courtesy Easton

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