In world of ice fishing there is lots of very high quality small companies that get missed by the masses due to lake of marketing dollars, but also because many of them only want to sell to smaller shops and mom and pops.Ice Hopper from Clinton Twp, Mi is no different. Ice Hopper was started about 4 years ago with the Sonic Ice Hopper which is very popular on the tournament trails all across the ice belt. It lets you carry you seat tackle and electronics all in one hand and hole hop or ice troll. If you ever caught the Icemen TV show you are sure to have seen more then a few of the top teams fishing with one.

“The Original Heavy Metal Jigs”

They also have been making a high quality tungsten jig line up, which is “The Original Heavy Metal Jigs”  .They are adding some new high quality painted in the US paint jobs this year.

Ice Hopper this year has begun to grow it product lines with the addition of Banana Jig, Snowman and Kick’in Minnow spoons, and jigging bait’s like the Jigin’ Minnow they have you cover on the business end of things below the ice. Above the ice they have launch some high end rods at a none High price.

The Ice Slammer Rods start $19.99 and they offer two style of reels to match up with there rods. The Tight Liner ($19.99 retail) is there entry into the growing market of fly style reels. It comes with and over size handle for easy gripping when you have gloves on. Now for the guys fishing the deeper waters or going after larger game they have the Ice Slammer 10 Spinning reel ($21.99 retail)

Ice Slammer 10 Reel

There is lots of other cool custom blanks and rod building supplies they are bring out this winter such has there one of kind XTC and XTF blanks.Not comfortable making your own ice rods yet but want to do a little custom work they offer pre built and complete built version of these blanks also.The two blanks are already being used by many custom rod builders across the ice belt.

All of these Ice Hopper Products can be seen at or bought through Sportsmen’s Direct and in there growing number of mom and pops carrying the Ice Hopper Brand.Below I made a few video to talk a little bit about a few of there new products for this winter.



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