I was on assignment in San Antonio, Texas, last weekend for one of NRA’s Tactical Police Competitions. As with most travel assignments, I spent a good deal of time lugging equipment through the airports, the hotels and the host shooting range. The Tactical Competition was great. Transporting all the equipment … not so great.

Competitors told me of similar experiences. Getting all of the gear from their car to range and then again from course to course. There has to be a better way to transport all that equipment. Something along the lines of the NRA Handgunner Backpack.

First and foremost — it carries up to four pistols. Undo the zipper, slide out the compartment, place your pistols in one of the four gun foam cradles and slide it back in. But that’s just one compartment … there are more.

In fact, there are specially designed compartments for all your shooting range needs including hearing protection, shooting glasses, stapler, tape, thumbtacks, silicone cloth, binoculars and magazines. Each clearly marked with a pictogram of what goes where.

Made for form and function, shooters no longer have to worry about the standard problems that most backpacks present. Comfort? There are moisture-wicking padding on the shoulder stapes and the rear cushion panel. Sturdiness? This pack is built stand up on its own without any support. Weather concerns? There’s an easy to deploy waterproof rain shroud built it to protect your guns and equipment.

All in all, if you’re looking for a quicker, easier way to transport and organize your range bag, then this is it.

Selling for $199.95, not including tax and shipping, the NRA Handgunner Backpack could be a pleasant Christmas surprise for your favorite plinker or semi-pro shooter. Sizing out at 17″ wide, 22″ high and 9″ deep means there’s plenty of room for your equipment without being bulky.

You can find the Handgunner Backpack and more great NRA products at NRAstore.com.

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