Safariland, LLC announced today the launch of the new R2S System (Ratchet Retention Suspension System) for PROTECH ballistic helmets. Utilizing proven retention technology from the construction and industrial safety industries, the R2S System tightens and conforms to the wearer’s head for optimum comfort with a simple twist of the easy-to-grip knob located at the base of the helmet, ensuring a secure fit for any head size.

“PROTECH Tactical developed the R2S System to offer the helmet wearer added stability while providing a comfortable and secure fit,” said Dan McNeil, Director of Category Management for PROTECH Tactical Armor.

The R2S System combines the mesh-crown suspension system used in PROTECH ballistic helmets along with the R2S retention technology. The mesh crown system comprises a four-point, height-adjustable floating pad in the front of the helmet with a chin strap. This new design enables the user to easily tighten or loosen the helmet to keep it secured to the wearer’s head for a customizable fit. The result is a helmet that easily adjusts to each individual wearer’s head for excellent comfort.

The R2S System is compatible with the PROTECH Delta 4 family of ballistic helmets or any large ACH/Warrior style helmet with a 4-bolt pattern and can be easily installed as a replacement for existing suspension systems. The R2S System also incorporates 360° of comfort foam, moisture-wicking pads including a removable nape pad for added comfort and stability.

The PROTECH R2S System is available now. For more information on the R2S System or any other tactical armor offerings visit:

Image courtesy Safariland

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