In Spring 2012, Otis Technology launched a new line of environmentally friendly firearm cleaners – the O12 line.  With four unique formulations, Otis offers a safe, yet highly effective line of products to clean carbon, copper, lead, plastic residue, and other fouling.

On August 21, 2012, the O12 General Purpose Blend became certified by the USDA as a biobased product.  This seal of approval indicates that this product contains at least 25% biological products, renewable agricultural materials, or forestry materials.  The O12-GP cleaner exceeds that, with a biobased amount of 56%.

On November 3, 2012, the remainder of the O12 line – Carbon Remover, Copper Remover, & Shotgun Blend/Plastic Remover – became certified as USDA BioPreferred, with percentages of 53%, 35%, and 67%, respectively.

Consumers can easily identify products as USDA BioPreferred by the following logo on the product packaging:

Otis O12 packaging will be updated to include the addition of the above logo, which calls out the percent of biobased content in the product.

“Otis is excited to offer a line of gun cleaners that can safely and effectively remove fouling without the use of harsh chemicals or odors.  Our commitment to this is further solidified with this certification by the USDA,” states Len Nelson, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Image courtesy Otis Technology

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