I am excited to announce that I am re-publishing my award-winning book (POMA’s 2010 PINNACLE Award) as a seven-volume, e-Book series. Volumes One through Four are now up and available for sale…at $3.99 each…in both AMAZON’s Kindle Bookstore and BARNES & NOBLE’s Nook Bookstore. Once fully available, the complete series of seven books will cost only $27.93, versus the $95.00 cost of the standard hardcover edition.

Because the original hardcover weighs 9 1/4 pounds, it never lent itself to bedtime reading, or to taking with you on an airplane, or into hunting camp. Now the book can be downloaded, at little expense – in seven different segments – to light, portable, reading devices that can be taken with you anywhere you travel.

 Volume One is titled The BAREBOW! DEER BOOK and contains all 18 stories, plus all of the stunning art work (both color and black-and-white) by Hayden and Dallen Lambson, found in the original five DEER chapters of BAREBOW! Those chapters are titled, “MULE DEER”, “COLUMBIA BLACKTAIL DEER”, “WHITETAIL DEER”, “SITKA BLACKTAIL DEER”, and “COUES’ WHITETAIL DEER”. In addition, you will find here the same comprehensive, taxonomic and biological information on each species and subspecies which made the parent book an encyclopedic reference on all North American big game.


The other three volumes in the digital series now available are Numbers 2 through 4: namely, The BAREBOW ELK BOOK, The BAREBOW! BEAR BOOK, and The BAREBOW! SHEEP BOOK. The final three volumes in the series will be out well before Christmas, and the avid hunter or nature lover is encouraged to be on the lookout for their appearance.






All the books are designed to appeal to the hunter and non-hunter alike. For that reason, they contain no “hero photos” of the author with any of his trophies at the kill-site. That omission, however, is more than compensated for by the remarkable and abundant wildlife art of wildlife artists Hayden and Dallen Lambson, a highly-revered father/son team from Pocatello, Idaho.

A heads-up to you hunters who happen to be ELK enthusiasts: Volume Two, The BAREBOW! ELK BOOK, contains three, additional, brand-new elk stories, written sincethe original work came out. It also contains several new elk drawings by Dallen Lambson that were not published in the hardcover editions.

The final three volumes in the digital series will be titled The BAREBOW! CARIBOU BOOK, The BAREBOW! MOOSE BOOK, and the BAREBOW! BOOK of the FIVE, NATIVE, N. A. BIG-GAME “EXOTICS”. (Pronghorn Antelope, Cougar, Rocky Mountain Goat, Bison, and Muskox.)

If you enjoy being an armchair adventurer, with literature that will never put you to sleep, nor expose you personally to the hazards of setting foot in the wilderness yourself, then the seven forthcoming volumes in this exciting e-Book series should definitely be on your “bucket list”! At last, BAREBOW! becomes affordable to virtually everyone.

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