Fall is a busy time in the outdoor world, and for a lot of hunters it’s all about big game and the fall turkey season is forgotten. This underutilized season can make for a great and hunt and good table fare on Thanksgiving. This week Phil Bourjaily drops in to talk fall turkey hunting tactics, and why running and screaming at a flock can be an effective hunting method!

Federal Premium Ammunition

Federal Ammunition has a load for everything and they are always working to improve their existing loads and create new ones. New to the Mag-Shok HEAVYWEIGHT lineup are two turkey hunting loads designed minimize recoil and maximize performance. Tim Brandt with Federal talks with Jim and Trav about these turkey loads featuring the FLITECONTROL wad.

Fall Turkey Tips and Gear – Jim Crowley

Jim Crowley is the driving force behind Hook and Hunt TV. This week he talks with the boys about fall turkey hunting and gives them some tips as well as offers some advice on essential gear, like choke tubes, that you’ll need in the field.

Field to Table Turkey Preparation

Karen Lee is a featured blogger at the National Wild Turkey Federation with her “Keepin’ Up with Karen” blog. This week she tells us all we need to know about how to go about preparing the turkey we bagged, from the field to the table.

Down-n-Dirty Outdoors – The Haint Gobble Call

There are lots of ways to gobble with a diaphragm and tube calls but because of its realistic sound, the mouth blown call is gaining popularity. These mouth blown gobblers require tongue control, varying back pressure and a lot of practice. This week Down-n-Dirty Outdoors talks about their revolutionary “Haint Gobble Call”, how to use it and the effect it has on these birds!

Image courtesy Outdoor Trails Network

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