Ammo in a Can by Ready Reserve Ammo is your cure for long term ammo storage problems.

Until now, long term ammo storage has been problematic often resulting in corroded, dirty ammo which can cause jams and unreliable weapons operation. Face it, today’s modern weapons demand clean, high quality ammunition to work properly. Any dirt, dust, corrosion, rust or defects can cause precision hand guns and rifles to misfire or even cause damage to the weapon, but not with Ready Reserve packed Ammo in a Can!

With high quality factory manufactured ammunition from ATK, Ammo in a Can is a patented process that removes the atmosphere from inside the can and replaces it with a dry, inert nitrogen gas. In this day when politicians are not only going after your guns, but going after your ammo as well, Ammo in a Can is your answer to long term storage.

Without moisture or oxygen in the can, the ammunition does not deteriorate, corrode, or rust. This gives the ammo an indefinite shelf life, regardless of the environment outside the can. The can is enameled to insulate the rounds from electrolysis. Just use the pop-top lid to open and the plastic overcap will give the remaining rounds reasonable containment and protection from the elements. No box to fall apart and spill ammunition everywhere.

Ammo in a can is available in the following calibers and quantities:

  • .22 Long Rifle, 40gr CPRN in 333 and 100 round cans
  • 9mm Luger, 115 gr FMJ 50 round can
  • .38 Special +P, 158 gr FMJ 50 round can
  • .40 cal S&W, 180 gr FMJ 50 round can
  • 12 Gauge, 2-3/4″ Reduced Recoil 00 Buck 5 round can
  • 5.56, 62 gr XM855 Penetrator FMJ 30 round can
  • 7.62 X 39mm Soviet 124 gr FMJ 25 round can

Dealer pricing is available.

Visit to order or call 1-800-453-2202.

Image courtesy Ready Reserve

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