Family and friends are two of the core principals of hunting for Randy Newberg, host of On Your Own Adventures, and this episode exemplifies both with two of his closest friends. Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for the American Sportsman, takes viewers into the woods of Montana for an epic whitetail hunt with two Veterans who previously thought their hunting days were behind them. On Your Own Adventures highlights great hunting and true camaraderie with ‘big’ results in the Montana wilderness. Don’t miss “OYOA” at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday, November 21 during “Racksgiving” presented by Weaver Optics.

Settle in and relax for a Thanksgiving episode of On Your Own Adventures that displays the true meaning of giving thanks to those people who matter to Randy Newberg – his two friends. Ole Olsen, an 83-year old veteran of Korea and Neil Severinson (68 year-old Vietnam Veteran), thought their best hunting days were behind them – until Newberg stepped in and created a Whitetail hunt that dreams are made of. Every year, OYOA takes someone hunting that otherwise would not go on a hunt.

Newberg creates the men a ground-blind from scratch and allows the men to hunt a great piece of private property. Shortly after leaving the guys to do some additional scouting,, Ole takes an impressive buck to fill his buck tag. Not long after Ole finds success, Severinson takes a doe with a rifle for himself which brings smiles to the entire camp.  Certainly not lost in the excitement is Newberg’s harvest of a ‘sizeable’ buck.

“This hunt is all about Ole and Neil and getting them into the woods,” said Randy Newberg, host of On Your Own Adventures. “From the moment I heard Ole say he has harvested his last deer, I knew I needed to get him back in the field for another hunt. This was truly an amazing hunt that will leave great memories for all of us – mission accomplished.”

Image courtesy Sportsman Channel

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