This week on Student of the Gun: Pistols, Rifles and Squad Automatic Weapons. We cover a lot of ground during the latest episode both geographically and topically.  Segments were filmed in Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi.

In the pistol category we’ll consider introducing new shooters to the Beretta M9 with a .22 LR replica from Chiappa Firearms aptly dubbed the “M9-22”. We take a close look at the Colt “New Agent” M1911A1 pistol in .45ACP. This special edition pistol comes from the factory with XS 24/7 Big Dot sights.

Our travels take us to Dayton, Texas to spend some time with Charlie Sisk of Sisk Rifles, LLC. Charlie was kind enough to let the SOTG crew shoot up a bunch of his ammunition through some of his phenomenally accurate custom rifles. Stay tuned from more from Sisk Rifles. Also, we take the time for some full-auto fun and examine the RPK Squad Automatic Weapon, a favorite in modern video games, during our new “Guns of Gaming” segment.

Lastly, if you are going to be an Armed Citizen and prepare of the dangers life often presents, you need to be able to stop the bleeding as well as start it. During the “Beyond the Band-Aid” segment we take of a peek at some of the training conducted during our Fall Semester.

Image courtesy Student of the Gun

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