Featuring a high 8x magnification, a laser range finder and realistic color rendering, the Pulsar Expert Laser Range Finder Binocular is a vital tool for any tactical operator. With its light-weight, rugged body construction, operation temperature range of -22ºF – 113ºF and easy-to-use controls, the Expert LRF is built to withstand harsh operating environments.

“The Expert LRF Binocular provides an accurate and clear readout of target ranges with the benefits of a Porro prism optical system,” said Jonathan Horton, product developer. “A clear, crisp three dimensional image, wide field of view and depth of field are benefits found in the Expert LRF Binocular, features that traditional laser rangefinders do not deliver.”

The unit features one of the best transmission factors among similar devices, ensuring a brighter image which can be seen especially well when conducting observation in cloudy weather in the daytime or twilight. The use of on-screen data input system ensures a lower loss of light in the optical channel as compared to LCD based display solutions and allows for the target’s range to be displayed on the image.

The Expert LRF 8×40 Binocular is perfect for spotters, who relay critical information to the shooter. With the Expert LRF Binocular, spotters now have the convenience of a built-in laser rangefinder along with high magnification and a clear image for target identification.

Image courtesy Pulsar

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