Pat Key has raised his son, Zach, Intrepid Outdoors field producer and co-host, to be a mountain hunter like he is, and this week the two hit the Wyoming high country for an episode packed with adventure. First, Zach and good friend Eric Andersen tackle the high terrain in search of mule deer, when suddenly they switch gears and pursue a black bear they’ve glassed.

The Intrepid cameras then follow Pat Key on his quest for a big bull elk in one of the mant quality draw-only areas found in Wyoming for what is sure to be the hunt of a lifetime. The action doesn’t end there, however, as Pat and Zach team up for a do-it-yourself hunting adventure on public land and with Pat’s wife present, the event becomes a true family affair. Find out how each hunt plays out this Saturday, Dec. 1 at 7 a.m. on the NBC Sports Network.

Also, on every episode of Intrepid Outdoors, check out our segments on:

Intrepid Kidz – Intrepid Outdoors takes a young person hunting or profiles young people and adults enjoying the outdoors together as an example of the fun, safe and responsibility-building environment provided through involvement in the shooting sports and the outdoor activities. This week Intrepid Outdoors follows Jak Tanner and his father, Bill, as they hit the high country for mule deer.

America-Free and Independent – This is a unique segment unlike any on outdoor television. America-Free and Independent offers viewers an opportunity to see how energy exploration and extraction can coexist among wildlife and the environment through proper management, all while providing excellent outdoor opportunities and reducing America’s dependence on other nations for our vital energy supply.

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