The clock is winding down for late season waterfowl and Jim and Trav are feeling the heat! So in these final hours The Revolution boys are calling in favors from the pros’ and pulling out all the stops to insure a safe and successful waterfowl harvest. Tune in for tips from Wade Bourne, Mike Marsh, Georgia Pellegrini, Scott Threinen and Jim Crowley.

Wade Bourne – Late Season Duck Hunting

The late season for waterfowlers can be particularly challenging. If you are hunting those last few hardy migrant ducks and stubborn local populations you’ll need skill down these savvy birds. Wade Bourne joins Jim and Trav to talk late season duck hunting tactics and how to set yourself up to fill your bag limit in the late season.

Mike Marsh – Swan Hunting

Generally waterfowl isn’t considered to be big game but for those hunters in pursuit of a tundra swan the sheer size of this bird would beg to differ. Weighing up to 20+ pounds with a wingspan of more than 7 feet the swan is a challenging hunt. Mike Marsh joins Jim and Trav to give some tips and advice on how to down one of these enormous birds!

Jim Crowley – Decoys and Spreads

Using decoys and an effective spread can be make or break in the late season. Jim Crowley with Hook & Hunt TV talks with Jim and Trav about how to set up your decoys to fool birds and put the advantage in your hands plus some other great late season tips.

Georgia Pellegrini – Preparing Black Duck

Georgia Pellegrini has made a splash in the outdoor world with her book Girl Hunter. This week she hits the airwaves to talk about waterfowl and more specifically how to make it taste delicious. This week Georgia tells us how to prepare a black duck.

Scott Threinen – Goose Calling Tips

As a 3 time World Live Goose Calling Champion and the owner of Molt Gear, Scott Threinen knows waterfowl. This week Scott is dishing some tips for realistic and effective goose calling, and he also talks about how important it is to watch the behavioral patterns of the birds your are pursuing if you want to be successful.

Image courtesy The Revolution with Jim and Trav

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