Diminutive yet powerful and comfortable to shoot, Springfield Armory’s Single Stack XD-S in .45 ACP appears as the cover story in the March/April issue of American Handgunner. The exquisite handling capabilities and limited recoil of the XD-S transformed a skeptical John Connor into an instant admirer.

“The XD-S is the best-behaved production .45 pistol under Commander size and less than 33 ounces I’ve ever shot, period,” Connor says conclusively. “Stable and comfortable in the hand, it points true, shoots straight, functions smoothly and consistently, carries safely and easily, and every feature works as it ought.”

In “Rattlers and Revolvers,” Contributing Editor Mike “Duke” Venturino explains why big-bore revolvers loaded with handgun shotshells represent the most effective method for dispatching unwanted venomous visitors.

“The entire purpose of killing a rattler is to ensure the safety of others, turning loose a large-gauge shotshell around houses, outbuildings or roads could endanger someone. The same is true with bulleted-handgun cartridges,” says Venturino. “CCI shotshells and Speer plastic shot capsules allow me to do that in what I consider the safest manner possible.”

Additional topics covered in the March/April issue of American Handgunner include a review of Les Baer’s new .38 Super Stinger, a look at the eccentric “blow-forward” Schwarzlose Model 1908, a critique of Ruger’s new .22 trail guns and a special feature on the latest trends in ammunition.

Consequently, the hard-hitting Les Baer .38 Super Stinger is the centerpiece for the March/April Gun of the Month Giveaway. Valued at over $3,000, this prize bundle also includes a belt and holster from Davis Leather, the sturdy Satu Folder from Grayman Knives and the versatile InForce Black Flashlight. Readers can enter for a chance to win this giveaway at www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaway.

American Handgunner includes many online-only exclusives, ranging from a 13-part series on the Military Handguns of World War II, to a review of Ruger’s popular 10/22 takedown and a collection of all-digital editions. Readers can sign up for a free digital subscription and unlimited access at www.americanhandgunner.com/digital-editions.

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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