Steve Van Ert is a Science teacher at Weed High School in California. He is also an app developer. Currently Steve has six apps on the market. His latest app, a game called “Duck Master Lite: the Duck Hunter’s Quiz ID Game” was just released this week on iTunes. In its preview, Duck Master Lite was downloaded in over 30 different countries by over 230 people. It is ranked in the Top 100 in France and Turkey. It was at #263 for the US as of 6AM on January 8, 2013.

Duck Master Lite the Hunter’s ID quiz game is the first in a planned series of quiz games that challenge the skills of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. The game offers the player the choice of identifying ten, twenty or forty different species of waterfowl in a time frame. Players are given a range of features designed to help them improve their experience. New levels for this game are currently under development with an expected release date of mid February 2013. Several additional quiz games will later be combined into one large game known as “Hunt Master”.

Steve began creating apps in October 2011. His first app, “My Duck Log” has over 5000 downloads and is enjoying continued growth as he consistently responds to his users input and looks for ways to give his customers increased value. Steve is also a Field Advisor for the online magazine, and has been published in Relentless365 magazine. He maintains a website,, as a free service to the public. Hunters use the site to improve their hunting results by inputting field data and then analyzing the data to make informed hunting decisions. The site also offers many other features including galleries, forums, stories and support of the apps.

Image courtesy Steve Van Ert

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