Aqua-Vu’s re-engineered Mo-Pod 3 turns ANY camera into a fish surveillance device

First one to the fish wins the game. That’s true often enough. Yet the wise angler recognizes it’s the one who stays on the fish who usually wins the marathon.

Aqua-Vu was the first to peek beneath the surface, some 15 years ago. It was and remains today the underwater camera of choice among the top practitioners in ice fishing. Aqua-Vu users pioneered not only a whole new approach to ice angling, but entirely revolutionary concepts, such as down-viewing, up-viewing and real-time sight fishing.

Add to the list technological firsts, such as underwater lighting systems, on-screen tactical displays, and the original motorized camera-panning unit…the Mo-Pod.

Recently, the famed underwater camera company released Mo-Pod 3, a nearly bulletproof camera-panning device that gives anglers the power to not only find fish, but also monitor their movements, and to stay on fish.

Sometimes, the best way to improve on an award-winning concept is to simplify it—to bolster the product’s quality while eliminating unnecessary accoutrements. The elegantly simple Mo-Pod 3 is built around an adjustable tripod that grips the cable of any underwater camera, using a wireless key fob to rotate the optics a full 360-degrees. So no matter what underwater camera system you own, the Mo-Pod 3 will improve its performance.

“Think of it as an underwater surveillance device,” says hardwater cameraman Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “I can clip my Aqua-Vu cable into the metal cable holder and hover the camera below at any depth. The little wireless remote works slick for panning and scanning the entire underwater landscape.

“Use it to follow sunfish as they swim in and out of vegetation. Monitor walleyes, pike or trout as they inspect your lures. I also like to place the camera in the middle of a spread of tip-ups, and watch for incoming predators—like an aquatic trail camera.”

Complete with a built-in adjustable tripod (works with ice holes up to 15-inches in diameter), wireless key fob and cable holder, the Mo-Pod 3 operates for hours on two AA batteries. Unlike similar devices, Mo-Pod 3 features an easy-to-access battery compartment with a pressure-sealed screw lid for maintaining water-resistance. Two settings—continuous or manual rotation—allow for maximum functionality in any ice fishing environment. With a range of 30-feet, anglers can operate their Mo-Pod 3 from anywhere in the fish house or on open ice.

And now through March 31, 2013, purchase of any 700 series Aqua-Vu model (760cz, 760c, 740c, 710) includes a free Mo-Pod 3—that’s a $59.99 value. In addition, purchase of any Aqua-Vu Micro unit (AV Micro Plus with DVR, AV Micro Plus, AV Micro) comes with a free Micro Softcase and Battery Charger—also valid through March 31, 2013.

Locate fish. Spy on fish. Catch fish. That’s the mission of Aqua-Vu’s new Mo-Pod 3.

Image courtesy Traditions Media

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