Even before Smith and Wesson released the M&P Shield, considerable hype surrounded this notable entry into the popular concealed-carry market. In the March issue of GUNS Magazine, the Shield continues living up to its highflying expectations by winning over Contributing Editor John Connor, who says everything about this sub-compact powerhouse is “just right.”

“The real character of the Shield becomes evident when you present it from concealment and rapidly engage multiple targets at close range,” reveals Connor. “Its combination of grip ergonomics, natural pointing, quick sight-control, minimizing felt recoil effects and ability to recover and reengage on targets tells the tale — and it’s a very good tale indeed.”

Also in this issue of GUNS, Publisher Roy Huntington reviews the “amazing, repeatable and confidence-building performance” of the new Ruger American Rifle, and how it has redefined affordable, exceptionally accurate bolt-action rifles.

“The Ruger American Rifle delivers remarkable accuracy, a user-adjustable trigger and eye-appeal surprising on a rifle at this price-point,” says Huntington. “I honestly don’t know what you could do to make it work any better. Put a decent scope on the rifle, load it with decent ammo and hunt anywhere in the world you want.”

Additional features in the March issue of GUNS Magazine include a look at the hard-hitting Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in .257 Roberts, a tribute to the wounded warriors who participated in a special match hosted by Rifles Only and a commemoration recognizing the 140th anniversary of the legendary .45-70 government round.

A spectacular FNH 3-Gun Competition Package is up for grabs in the March Gun of the Month Giveaway. Highlighted by the SCAR 16S in 5.56x45mm NATO, the stainless FNS-9 pistol and the SLP MK I shotgun, this prize bundle also includes a Blade-Tech 3-gun competition rig package, a 3-gun cleaning kit from M-Pro 7 and Hallmark Cutlery’s intimidating Bad Blood/Kendrick Partisan Nano knife — bringing the total value of this package to over $5,400. Readers can enter to win this giveaway at www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaway.

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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