Environ-Metal Inc., manufacturers of the HEVI-Shot family of premium products has the answer to their most common customer service question, ‘What choke tube should I use with HEVI-Shot?’ In November of 2009 we answered that question with a line of 12 gauge mid and extreme range waterfowl choke tubes and a line of 12 gauge turkey choke tubes. In 2010 we added a full line of 20 gauge choke tubes in both our waterfowl and turkey lines.

With turkey season coming on us having the right choke constriction is critical when aiming at a big Tom. Turkey choke tubes can run a constriction from .695 down to .643. “Choke constriction is a trial and error experience.” says Kelly Sorensen, VP of Sales & Marketing. “We have taken a different approach and have removed that guesswork for our customers, by taking the major gun models and designed our choke tubes gun specific. By utilizing an electronic patterning board we have shot thousands of rounds to determine the optimum constriction for each gun family.” HEVI-Shot choke tubes are designed for ease of use in the field by having a knurled fore end, making a choke tube wrench unnecessary.

“For 2013 we will be exploring new materials, and new shotgun thread patterns to add to our existing lineup. With our ‘Material Science For A Better Hunt’ technology our consumers will be seeing us branch out into other markets, such as tactical, where choke tubes typically haven’t played a large part of the overall strategy of some situations.” said Kelly Sorensen, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Others often imitate, but none can come close. To ensure you have an original HEVI-Shot choke tube, look for the HEVI-Shot logo in gold on the shaft, and the MR or ER on the knurled fore end so you always know which tube you have in. HEVI-Shot choke tubes have a lifetime guarantee, designed to give you consistent, quality performance for decades to come.

Image courtesy HEVI-Shot

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