As Dropped Project: Alaska’s debuting year comes to an end, brothers Chris and Casey Keefer along with their production company, Rusted Rooster, celebrate a huge honor in the outdoor world. This year in Las Vegas The Keefers and Jason Brown of Rusted Rooster were bestowed with the coveted Sportsman Choice Award for Best Overall Production. Chris commented on this milestone saying, “This award is the combination of a lot of hard work, taking a leap of faith on a brand new concept, and the vision of our talented production company, Rusted Rooster.” Casey Keefer added, “Dropped, is as real as it gets, 36 days in the backcountry, the viewer gets a window into our daily drama… the highs and the lows”.

Co-owner of Rusted Rooster with Chris and Casey , Jason Brown, has poured his creative heart and soul into this project and endures the same hardships as the Keefers, but he spends most of his time behind the lens executing their vision. With a successful first season under their belt, Chris, Casey, and Jason raised the bar and headed back to the north country, deep into the wilderness again. This time Brown and the Keefer’s ask the Yukon wilderness to accept them for 36 grueling days. Chris explained that “when you are in the backcountry for 36 straight days, you want to control as much as possible, and one thing that we have that luxury with is our ability to work with the very best sponsors. We heavily rely on the highly dependable gear they provide”. Casey said “We couldn’t have survived without partners like Buck Knives, Traditions, Rage, Nikon and the list goes on. When we can’t rely on the Alaskan or Yukon Wilderness to have mercy, we can always count on our gear to help us survive.”

Tune into Dropped: Project Yukon for the Keefer’s and Rusted Rooster’s all new season every Tuesday at 9pm.

Show Concept: The outdoor industry begged for something different, and the Keefer Brothers responded in a big, big way. Dropped with Chris and Casey Keefer truly raises the bar in outdoor adventure programming. This revolutionary hunting documentary-style show sets new standards in storytelling, production value and pulse-pounding adventure. The ground breaking and highly acclaimed Dropped: Project Alaska turned heads and redefined documentary-style reality hunting. The hit show detailed the Keefer Brothers’ grueling trek over 110 river miles of some of the world’s most perilous yet game-rich country as Chris and Casey spot-and-stalked caribou, moose, black bear and wolves over the course of an epic 28-day backcountry adventure. The Keefer Brothers continue this revolutionary platform in the much anticipated second season of Dropped as they once again test their skills as hunters, woodsmen and fishermen amid a dangerous, unforgiving landscape. Filmed in the Keefers’ trademark documentary style, Dropped gives fans an up close, unapologetic look at what it takes to conquer the elements and survive on nothing more than instinct, endurance, skill and the desire to press on – no matter what stands in your way. A true test of man vs. nature, Dropped promises to entertain viewers like no other show.

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